• Eric Graham


Blue Velvet

Director: David Lynch

Starring: Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper

Genre: Noir, Mystery

Blue Velvet (which is now a cult classic), received divided critical responses and before that it’s screenplay had been passed around from studio to studio. While most major studios declined it out of fear of the reception of its strong sexual and violent content, it ended up earning an Academy Award nomination.

The film’s narrative sets off with the discovery of a severed human ear found by a Jeffrey Beaumont (portrayed by Kyle MacLachlan). This leads him on a journey of investigation (out of his pure curiosity), which ultimately leads him to a mysterious nightclub singer who’s involved with a group of psychopathic criminals.

One of the major themes that were present in the film was presented by the beetles in the opening scene. It represented what was to come; that underneath an ideal society, there’s always an evil lurking underground. At the end of the film a robin is seen with a beetle in its mouth, which is an indication that the evil has been conquered (at least temporarily).

The specific use of colour (and music) aided in a literal sense to the emotions that Lynch intended to incite. The characters in the film all wore specific colours which described their characters in a sense.

I enjoyed the film, as I am a huge noir fan. Even if you don’t get excited by the word ‘mystery’, I believe that Blue Velvet will have something in store for most passionate film viewers. I’d give this one a solid thumbs up.


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